Meet the Our Team

Board of Directors

Yolanda O'Neal-Pyburn- President & Founder

Ms. O’Neal-Pyburn was introduced to the arts at a young age with piano lessons and as a participant in youth summer camps. She discovered that she enjoys working with youth during her undergrad years while serving as a mentor. During that time, she developed mentoring programs for the youth and learned that oftentimes they are misunderstood. Yolanda believes that supporting children and encouraging them to work to their potential builds self-esteem and confidence. Being a compassionate supporter of the performing arts and the development of children, Yolanda desires to provide a place where children can express themselves creatively while building skills. The inspiration to develop a performing arts center was sparked by her daughter who taught herself how to play instruments without instruction. Yolanda holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and has worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years. Yolanda is the Founder and President of Casting Call Performing Arts Center.

Tanesha Griffin - Vice President & Co-Founder

Ms. Griffin accepted a position as a Library Clerk for a South Suburban school in Glenwood, Illinois. Her background includes teaching ages 6 weeks to 13 years of age, coordinating events for summer camps, group trips and providing lessons for each age group. Ms. Griffin has been involved in youth outreach, mentoring for foster children, volunteering at elementary schools, and substitute coach for cheer leading. Ms. Griffin is certified to assist with students in primary through 12th grades including special education students, and has completed over 100 hours of child development. Ms. Griffin goes above and beyond the call of duty for children and has empowered many youth across the suburban and Chicagoland area.

Mary Jo Brill - Communications Coordinator 

Mrs. Brill has been working with underserved youth for fifteen years in the nonprofit sector. She has a strong background in the area of Youth Development and Prevention (YDP). She believes in the Youth Participation concept whereas youth are involved in the planning of programs that concern them. Mary Jo has designed many projects with youth covering topics that are current to the issues our young people face today. Her favorite activity is when these projects involve the youth reaching out to the community using the creative arts. Mary Jo firmly believes that creative expression is a strong tool that empowers youth to reach their potential in all areas of life. She also understands that it builds self-esteem which helps prevent risky behavior by allowing youth to make better choices.

Pasue Mahan - Executive Secretary

Ms. Mahan’s ultimate aspiration is to educate and empower youth in all areas of life; to show them they matter, that they are important. This intense passion evolved during her several years of involvement with troubled youth in a comprehensive community health care setting. Throughout this tenure, she was rewarded personal experience with diversified youth; which she describes as being “life changing”. The youth was often identified within the community as being “difficult”. Pasue learned that oftentimes these minors possessed a combination of being abused; feeling vulnerable; betrayed; misinformed and rejected; a heavy and toxic combination. Providing a listening ear, educating, offering correction when requested and affection went a long way with the adolescences. Thanks to this exposure, Pasue recognized her ambition to work with youth and looks for avenues that allows her to take advantage of openings to be proactive.

Tamara Barnes - IT, Graphic Design

Ms. Barnes has worked in technology for over 17 years in the Chicagoland area. Along with her passion for technology she has a passion for the community and the arts. She hopes to apply her talents and passion to Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center to help make it a viable community resource for the youth in the area. 

Charae Barnes - Community Coordinator

Charae Barnes studied radio at Columbia College. Since, she has worked for local radio stations as a sound board operator. Charae has also worked as an extra on locally filmed television and movie sets. To hone in and continue to progress with public speaking, Charae MCs and moderates community events. Recently, she has created, coordinated, and co-hosts a podcast. As a woman of the arts, Charae has the love and passion for children to know and learn as much about the arts as she has and beyond. Growing up in Chicago, she has attended events that showcased some of the best talent her neighborhoods could offer. She knows there is a lot of hidden talent in areas where children are unable to express it. She is committed to the arts and all that it has to offer.  

Volunteers/Planning Committee 

Dante Barnes

Jazmine Mack

Marcel Hoover

Diane O'Neal Bey

Jasmine Smith

Antwon Rogers

Tamia Pyburn