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Networking with a Purpose 3


We're already planning for our Networking with a Purpose: Business Expo! 2018

Networking with a Purpose 3 is a social event free to the public to engage everyone to support each other.  The value of networking cannot be overstated when you're starting a business or have been in business for quite some time. It means building a network of people.  That might mean just having someone's business card, or it might mean speaking with them twice a day on a conference call.  It will depend on the contact and the nature of your business relationship.


Everyone is a potential business contact!  The more people you meet and tell about your business, the bigger your network will be and the more business opportunities you will have.  This is your chance to see when someone's interested and discuss how you could help each other.


Each year we provide information to not only our neighborhood but surrounding businesses and throughout the Chicagoland area.  Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center CCPACC

Thank you for requesting information on our 2018 Networking with a Purpose 3!  Last year was a great success and we will continue to get better and grow bigger each and every year.  All proceeds of this event goes towards CCPACC workshops and classes for students throughout the year.  CCPACC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is solely based on donations and fundraisers.