Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center

"Integrating the Arts into the Lives of Children"

Let Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center integrate the arts into the lives of your children!


Casting Call Performance Arts Community Center is a nonprofit organization (501 c 3) that provides a nurturing and safe environment with quality performing arts programming, enriching and entertaining events, and activities to benefit children of the community.

At Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center, children are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through music, dance and drama.



Students are introduced to the basic concepts of theater as they will learn techniques that will assist with building confidence, stimulate imagination and improvisation. 


Students will learn dance techniques and terminology for various styles of dance. Students will build flexibility, rhythm, fitness, self-discipline & confidence.


Students will learn proper vocal and breathing techniques.  Students will be taught how to interpret and read lyrics.  They will learn poise and stage presence.